Community News

Several maple trees in the Greenfield neighborhood are showing signs of stress. Please see this article for more information: Autumn Blaze Root Problems

Dumping in the Piney Creek Open Space is not allowed. This includes grass and other landscape debris (leaves, tree limbs, etc.) as well as dumping of concrete, dirt, etc. The District is pleased to offer "Dumpster Days" in the spring. Please help keep this area beautiful!

2019 Community Garage Sale

The 2019 Community Garage Sale will take place May 31 - June 2, 2019.

Greenfield Dumpster Day

When:June 8, 2019
Where:Open Space at S. Kirk and S. Jericho St.

Dear Greenfield Resident,
The Liverpool Metro District Dumpster Day is Saturday, June 8th. Items will NOT be accepted before 8am.

Services provided:

  • Wood chipper - wood materials, tree limbs and old lumber. No screws, nails or metal can be attached.
  • Paint disposal – latex paint canisters can be dropped off, no oil based paints or stains will be accepted.
  • Paper shredding - No plastic cards accepted.
  • Electronics recycling will also be available for cash fee based on the item recycled. No TVs are accepted. To learn more go to:
  • NO household chemicals, motor oil, tires, batteries, appliances, or commercial contractor waste accepted
  • You must be a Greenfield Resident

Circled in GREEN is the location of the Dumpster Day event:
2019 Dumpster Day location circled on a map