Welcome to Liverpool Metropolitan District,
serving the Greenfield Community

Liverpool Metropolitan District (the District) is a quasi-municipal organization set up by the original developers of the Greenfield subdivision to fund construction and ongoing maintenance of public infrastructure. The formation of the district is authorized under Title 32 of the Colorado Revised Statutes and created by a popular election with approval by Arapahoe County. The vast majority of funding for the district is via property taxes. The current rate is shown on your Property Tax Statement from the Arapahoe County Office of the Assessor.

News & Projects

  • Pond Dock Project
    The permits have been issued and as soon as materials arrive the two docks at the pond will be replaced. At this time the District anticipates work to begin during the last week of July or first week of August. Please exercise caution around this project and please stay off the docks until the project… Read More »Pond Dock Project
  • Greenfield Dumpster Day
    The Liverpool Metro District dumpster day is scheduled for June 12th, from 8-11am or until dumpsters are full. Please help ensure you and your neighbor’s health by social distancing and wearing a mask when loading and unloading. Wood Chipper: Wood materials, tree limbs and old limber are allowed. No screws, nails or metal can be… Read More »Greenfield Dumpster Day
  • Concrete Repairs to Sidewalks
    Beginning May 24th through May 25th, concrete repairs will occur in sidewalk areas around the pond and the large playground.
  • Notice of Board Vacancy
    NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a vacancy currently exists on the Board ofDirectors of the Liverpool Metropolitan District (“District”). Any qualified, eligible electorof the District interested in filling such a vacancy and serving on the Board of Directorsshould file a Letter of Interest with the Board of Directors of the District on or before theclose… Read More »Notice of Board Vacancy
  • No Dumping!
    Dumping in the Piney Creek Open Space is not allowed. This includes grass and other landscape debris (leaves, tree limbs, etc.) as well as dumping of concrete, dirt, etc. The District is pleased to offer “Dumpster Days” in the spring. Please help keep this area beautiful!