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Pond Restoration Project

The Liverpool Metropolitan District Board of Directors is planning to restore the 1.1 acres Greenfield Subdivision Pond beginning in 2014.

The Greenfield Subdivision Pond was designed and built to have an average depth of 4.5 feet with a maximum depth of 6 feet. Over the years the pond has accumulated a large amount of sediment, likely due to development within the general area. The current average depth today is 1.9 feet with a maximum depth of 5.7 feet.

The Liverpool Metropolitan District plans to remove approximately 3,600 cubic yards of sediment from the pond. In addition, the pond’s aeration system and fishing piers will be replaced along with developing fish spawning areas and beds.

This project is an effort to ensure and protect the long-term health and viability of the pond and its associated plant, fish and wildlife.

Stantec Pond Rehabilitation Report – November 2011